Adhesion Paradox

Hosted by Gong Gallery

Bodies:Window Display

Bodies: Window Display from luisa covaria on Vimeo.

The Bodies display showcases some of Seung Chul Lee's original artwork. When a patron passes in front of the projection, it slowly fades to a different piece of artwork.

The Forest

The Forest from luisa covaria on Vimeo.

The Forest is an immersive room of hanging Bojagi ribbon. Sounds from nature are hidden in the forest. As people pass through its depths, they will discover the sounds within.

The Tunnel

Boyagi Tunnel from luisa covaria on Vimeo.

The Tunnel is shrouded in Bojagi from floor to ceiling. It is completely dark until someone enters. Their path will be lit before them as they explore the darkness.

The Cube

The Cube from luisa covaria on Vimeo.

The Cube shows the dyeing process on the sides of its faces. On a special face, it will reflect the image of the onlooker in a beautiful pattern.

Interaction Designers: Luisa Covaria | Mark Kleback | Haeng-soo Seol