Adhesion Paradox

Hosted by ArtGate Gallery

ArtGate Gallery presented Adhesion Paradox, a solo exhibition by Seung Chul Lee. The exhibition ran from June 14 through July 21, with an opening reception on June 14. On June 28, ArtGate Gallery and The Korea Society hosted the official launch of Lee's book on hanji, where the artist performed the process of paper dyeing.

Lee strives for the harmonization of eastern and western cultures. His first installation work, House of Fabric, is a large scale, three-dimensional square representation of a house with walls of Bojagi. The sides of the square serve as a projection screen for the moving images depicting the modern history of Korea. The second installation will feature hanging columns of Bojagi, each column is equipped with a sensor that will play a unique note sparked by the interpretation of human gestures.

Special thanks to NYU's finest interaction designers Tony Lim, Hiye Shin, and Yoonjo Choi for their dedication and hard work.

Interaction Designers: Luisa Covaria | Mark Kleback | Haeng-soo Seol